10 facts about Wales

For some reason, people usually think that Wales is far far away place and that it is hard to get there. That is why Wales has become some kind of a 'wonderland' and attracts many tourists. We can say that we do not know much about Wales. So here are some facts you have to know about this beautiful country.

1. You can see the whole country in a quite short period. It's only about 8,000 square miles. The land is full of adventures, amazing landscapes and welcoming people.

2. The capital of Wales, Cardiff, is known in Great Britain as the best place to live in. The population is about 1.3 million people. Cardiff is famous for reasonable prices on rent, good salaries and high level of life-satisfaction.

3. The country is full of history: there are 641 castles in Wales, some of them were built in the 11th century!

4. You will not find any chain hotels in Wales. Still, you can enjoy lovely B&Bs and boutique hotels.

5. The population of sheep in Wales is nearly four times higher than the number of citizens.So is you are fond of beautiful landscapes of a countryside, you can enjoy the view of adorable animals as well.

6. It is a good place for shopping. You can find anything you want, from the top 10 mattress from Chris to a large inflatable Victorian style blow up house.

7. The Wales Coast Path provides the ability to walk 750 miles of a coastline. It will take around 65 days, so get ready to improve your fitness.

8. The government that was formed in 1999 protects the landscapes of Wales. That is why Wales is famous for its beautiful national parks and outstanding natural beauty areas.

9. If you love festivals, go and see Hay Festival. It is the festival of Literature and Arts that provides a lot of fun activities for everyone.

10. Wales is welcoming surfers from all around the globe. The best season for surfing is autumn. If you want to visit one of the top 10 beaches in the world, come to Rhossili Bay on The Gower Peninsula. It is the best place in Wales to catch waves.

13MAR 2020

Important photos for life and travel around the world

Throughout our lives, we are faced with the need to take our own photos, not only for posting in family albums and on the pages of our accounts on social networks, but also for submitting them to various government agencies when receiving official documents, filling out questionnaires when applying for a job, obtaining passes, certificates etc. The standards for photos on documents at different institutions can vary quite significantly. We should consider not only the size of the picture, but also other parameters.

If you do not want to bother, you can make passport size photo online.

There are many other documents that we use in everyday life in addition to passport photos: pension and official certificates, ID cards, student IDs, medical certificates etc. A 3x4 cm photo card is enough for all the types. Some requirements can be different:

  • black and white images are used;
  • printing should be done on matte paper, since documents should be transparent for this operation are unsuitable;
  • head size in height should be 1.1 - 1.5 cm indented from the upper edge of 0.2 - 0.4 cm;
  • a print corner or semi-oval retouch at the bottom of the photo is allowed.

The second most important is the photo on the Schengen visa. When applying for a Schengen visa, a photograph is required. European embassies are very demanding of the documents that are provided when filling out the questionnaire. Therefore, before taking a picture, you need to carefully study the official requirements for Schengen visa photos, it is also advisable to familiarize yourself with the corresponding section on the website of the consulate of the country that has signed the Schengen agreement.

All Schengen countries have the same requirements for a Schengen visa. They are as follows:

The size of the photo on the Schengen visa is 35x45 mm. Consulates and embassies of some countries can accept photographs measuring 35x40 mm, among the most loyal are the representative offices of Belgium, Sweden, Czech Republic, Hungary.

It is necessary to ensure that the face occupies most of the frame, about 70 - 80%. From the upper field to the crown of the human head should be at least 2 mm, from the chin to the line of the eyes - at least 13 mm. The upper part of the shoulders falls into the frame.

Not only the size of the photo on Schengen matters, no less attention is paid in the consulates of European countries in 2020 to checking the quality of the images provided.

The photo for obtaining permission to enter the Schengen zone must be:

Clear. The presence of shadows, unnatural skin tones, glare, red eye is not allowed.

Color. Black-and-white, overly lightened or darkened photographs are not accepted by the embassies of European countries;

Overlooked. The person's face should be in full-face position and be as open as possible.

A light background. It is best to choose blue and light gray shades for the background, as some embassies do not accept images on white;

Do not contain any corners and frames.

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

25JUL 2021
Hotel Machynlleth

Hotel Machynlleth

The hotel bedrooms have been recently refurbished and offer stunning views of the grounds and the breathtaking foothills of Snowdonia National Park. The hotel has 12 ensuite rooms with modern facilities, six rooms in the main hotel and six rooms in the ´Stables annexe´. In the main house the rooms have an individual character and display many original features of the beautiful 17th…

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05JUL 2021
Top 10 attractions in Wales

Top 10 attractions in Wales

1 Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Pembrokeshire Coast National Park Share: Pembrokeshire is an excellent base from which to explore the marvelously scenic southwest coast of Wales. A particularly delightful hike is along the Pembrokeshire Coastal Footpath. Laid out in 1970, it covers a distance of…
Global Trading 26

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15JUN 2021
Show Map of Wales

Show Map of Wales

Like George Owen (see post on 21st July) Humphrey Llwyd was an Elizabethan polymath: physician, antiquary and MP for Denbigh, it was later in life that he created the cartographic work for which he is best known. In a letter written just before his death in 1568 he sent the manuscript (now lost) of his…
Golden Profit review

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26MAY 2021
MOMA Wales

MOMA Wales

Romanticism in the Welsh Landscape Pulpit Room, Owen Owen Gallery, Bridge & Tannery Gallery A major exhibition of works from public and private collections to explore the seminal role of Wales in the origin and renewal of Romanticism, from the late eighteenth century to the present. Works by…
begrafenisverzekering vergelijken

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06MAY 2021
Nice place to travel

Nice place to travel

Google s Chrome operating system could mark a turning point in computing, but many questions remain. Today s rumor is the OS will be released to developers next week, answering some questions but probably raising even more. Google had previously promised Chrome OS, in some form, before the end of this…

Go on Day trips with Excursions from Marrakech . Atlas mountains day tours

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16APR 2021
Wales Travel

Wales Travel

Mid Wales Travel boasts the most modern luxury and executive coach fleet in the whole of Wales. Passenger safety and comfort is the most important factor in our business, and here s some of the reasons why customers prefer our coaches: - Plenty of leg room - we remove seats to make more leg room Reclining…
Only on https://w-2-form-online.peatix.com/ I found a detailed W-2 form instructions.

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27MAR 2021
Tourist spots in Wales

Tourist spots in Wales

The popular choices of Nepal, Colombia and Jordan have headed a top 10 list of countries to visit in 2016. But number eight on the list is a little closer to home – as Wales has been included, beating Kenya and Sri Lanka, and falling just behind El Salvador. The county bagged a spot in the top 10 by Rough Guides for its “extraordinary beauty” and “remarkably preserved historical…

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07MAR 2021
South Wales breaks

South Wales breaks

Baratundle Bay, Pembrokeshire Map Key: Zoom in further to view map keys. Whatever you fancy from your next short break – a cosmopolitan city break with great dining and fab shopping, or a peaceful retreat away from it all where you can reconnect with mother nature – our hotels in South Wales make for the perfect destination. Enjoy one of our great value dinner deals, an ultra-relaxing…

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