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January 12, 2020
Cardiff is the capital of

Sam Hammam and Vincent TanCardiff City are looking to strip former-owner Sam Hammam of his life presidency at the club.

Hammam, who was in charge at the Welsh club from 2000 to 2006, , but the Bluebirds now want to sever all links with the Lebanese businessman.

The move comes despite it emerging that a recent agreement states that Hammam should be afforded the same treatment and privileges as the club owner when he attends any Cardiff match.

Sam HammamHammam and Tan have been at loggerheads of late over of the repayment of a historic £24m debt to the Langston group.

That was finally resolved ahead of a High Court case recently when it was finally revealed that Hammam was indeed the man behind the Panamanian-based company.

The club paid £5m last Friday to Langston as a final settlement and will pay a further £1.75m if the Bluebirds are promoted back to the Premier League, but part of that deal also stated that Hammam should be treated like Tan if he attends a Bluebirds match.

But the club’s hierarchy are unhappy with that situation and the general feeling is that Hammam is not actually welcome at future Bluebirds’ games, now the Langston case has been settled.

The club is looking at removing Hammam’s life president title, indeed moves are already underway with the 68-year-old’s name and title already omitted from the club’s official match-day programme.

The next move, which the club are exploring, is to take the extraordinary step of stripping Hammam of the honorary title all together.

Is time up for Hammam?

Hammam’s representative on the board, Michael Filiou, has already departed the club as has former director Michael Isaac, who was voted off the board recently.

The club are looking for two new directors to replace them, with the emphasis on bringing in UK-based people.

Source: www.walesonline.co.uk
(learning Welsh) how to say "Cardiff" & "In Cardiff" in Welsh.
(learning Welsh) how to say "Cardiff" & "In Cardiff" in Welsh.
Welsh Singers
Welsh Singers
Welcome to Cardiff
Welcome to Cardiff
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